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Blue Jay: Fun Facts

Probably the most recognizable feathered friend in the northeast (at least where I am in Pennsylvania), the Blue Jay is a staple in everyone's backyard. Its beautiful and vibrant blue feathers, along with its mohawk type crest, make it unable to mistake it for anything else. There's just no other bird that looks quite like it.

In the spirit of spreading love and knowledge of the wildlife around us, and to not make this a long and boring essay, I want to list some fun facts about the Blue Jay that most people don't realize and that I personally find fascinating.

  • They eat baby birds! That's right! Blue Jays are omnivores. Though not common, they are known to eat eggs and young of other bird species.

  • They impersonate Hawks. Blue Jays are known for being bullies but to make it more fascinating, they like to imitate the screech of Hawks when around bird feeders in an attempt to scare away other birds so they can take more of the goodness for themselves!

  • Carries food under their tongue! It's hard to imagine with a beak and head so small, but Blue Jays have a small pouch under their tongue where they can store food.

That's it for now! I hope you find this as interesting as I do! Or at least maybe you learned some useless knowledge that you can carry with you for the rest of your life. So you can impress someone at your next party/event/gala... wherever!

Thanks for reading and be sure to checkout and subscribe to my YouTube channel!

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